Monday, May 26, 2014

waterlogue - big sur

waterlogged big sur trees

As I was first taking classes in photography years ago, I was also obsessively reading the photo blog KrisAtomic, which impacted me in many ways that still stick to this day. What inspired me to buy my beloved 50mm lens? Check this out. My urge to visit Iceland despite the fact I would subsist on… ice? Yup. Why I pine for a Fuji x100? Just look here.

So as I pondered the switch from Android to iPhone, you can imagine that her iphonography post stuck in my mind. Then along came the waterlogue post. And well, now, guess what I have an iPhone with the Waterlogue app ($2.99 via App Store) which magically turns photos into watercolors. As it has not been my habit to take phone photos, it took me months to really experiment with this.  This weekend I spent a lovely couple of days in Carmel/Big Sur. I took a few photos with the phone and am really liking how they turned out after running them through Waterlogue! They key seems to be going for high contrast. I found I liked the Bold setting best.

BTW if you are looking for the best hike in this area, it really is Point Lobos, just South of Carmel. Some ups and downs with breathtaking coastlines for a couple of miles. We had a good long 2.5 hour walk/hike and really, just beautiful. The rest of the pictures are from Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. I only wish I had more pictures to play with! I'll aim to do a SF/Mission version soon.

Do you read any good photo blogs I should know about?

waterlogged big sur redwoods

waterlogged big sur beach

waterlogged big sur pines

waterlogged big sur trees on the waterwaterlogged big sur coast

waterloo big sur coast 2