Friday, January 31, 2014

golden gate bridge II

I love this bridge. So much. Is there a better bridge? I think not. I love driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. Better yet, I love being a passenger driving across so I can take pictures. I love looking at it from San Francisco, or Berkeley, or an airplane. I have never walked over it, but I have now gone UNDER it. Took a 90 minute cruise of the bay with San Francisco Whale Tours. Don't let the name fool you, 90 minutes round trip from Pier 39 is not going to get you anywhere near a whale. We did see porpoises in the harbor which were frankly adorable, but I digress.

This was another journey with the new 100mm. I really like these photos, however the focus is not tack sharp or really that sharp at all upon zooming in in Lightroom. Was this due to shooting from a moving boat? Am I expecting too much from a distance? The jury is out, hopefully I'll get under there again for another try.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

january flowers

New year, new lens! After lots of thought about adding another lens since upgrading to the full frame 6D. I finally bought Canon's 100mm macro. The Macro Class kind of sealed the deal. I'm still getting used to it, and as always I'm somewhat focus obsessed. I need to see how crisp it stays how far away. But so far, I like!

Today was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco. I didn't have as much time to get out as I would have liked, but was able to snap some blooming trees near my house. Same place on Church Street I took pictures two years ago March, so hopefully the'll stay in bloom for a while. Or maybe it's a sign of rapidly shifting weather patterns that will soon have my neighborhood and all of California underwater. Ok, enjoy the flowers!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

angel island

New year, new resolution to post more pictures! Last July already, I went with some friends to Angel Island. Located in the middle of the bay, it is a great place to spend a long afternoon touring the island either on foot or by bicycle (which you can rent on the island). There is a long outer loop of the island and a shorter inner loop both of which are very bike/hike friendly. From the inner loop you can hike up (no bicycles) to the top of the island. From this top point, there is a 360 view of the bay area, from SF to Sausalito and Marin to Berkeley to Oakland and back to SF. On this particular day, the views of Sausalito were so pretty, they reminded me of the costal towns of italy.

We started the day at the Ferry Building which is a great place to grab some lunch from the Farmer's Market to picnic with on the Island. The Blue and Gold line to Angel Island picks up behind the Ferry Building (but will only drop you back off in Fisherman's Wharf) and you can buy your tickets either in the building or even on the boat itself.

It was a good time of year for flowers at the Farmer's Market:

The views as the ferry leaves SF are really great. I tried to make these first few look like old postcards, I think it worked!:

America's Cup Prada boat & Alcatraz: 

Some panoramas happened:

On the island itself, there are lots of interesting buildings from back in the day when it was a fort and immigration station:

The views just really aren't bad:

The Portofino-esque Saulsalito:


A couple of exciting things happened on a quick trip back to Ohio over the holidays. First, I got to see some snow flurries. And second, we visited Cornhenge. This is a field of corn statues officially called Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees). Although it is is in a very office-parky area (located at 4995 Rings Rd in Dublin, OH), it is quite pretty and I think the world needs more oddball stuff. Giant corn statues? Why not.

While driving up 33/Riverside Drive between Upper Arlington to Dublin (where Cornhenge lives), we also stopped to take a few pictures of the pretty trees along the river.