Sunday, June 16, 2013

the rose show

Yesterday, the Golden Gate Rose Society held its Annual Rose Show in Golden Gate Park. I went picturing rows upon rows of huge bouquets or who knows, maybe whole rose bushes? I was pretty sure I'd seen an Orchid Show in a movie once (Adaptation?) which believe may have colored my expectations: Hothousey. Lush. Fragrant.

Well, here's a peek at the GGRS's event:

After walking thorough a bit, however, I was really amazed at the beauty and variety. Also, thought about the behind the scenes DRAMA. These were all cut roses. Imagine the the tension of having to select one rose for submission that has to be perfect exactly ON SATURDAY JUNE 15th. Following are more pics from the event. I did no color adjusting to any of these.

My vote for Randomest Category:

Sweet little roses, "miniflora":

Pretty black-tipped roses:

I thought the duct tape was a nice touch. Also my second favorite category, which is hard to read online: "Any Other Rose"

More miniflora:

The Queen and her King:

 The grand finale:

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