Friday, January 31, 2014

golden gate bridge II

I love this bridge. So much. Is there a better bridge? I think not. I love driving across the Golden Gate Bridge. Better yet, I love being a passenger driving across so I can take pictures. I love looking at it from San Francisco, or Berkeley, or an airplane. I have never walked over it, but I have now gone UNDER it. Took a 90 minute cruise of the bay with San Francisco Whale Tours. Don't let the name fool you, 90 minutes round trip from Pier 39 is not going to get you anywhere near a whale. We did see porpoises in the harbor which were frankly adorable, but I digress.

This was another journey with the new 100mm. I really like these photos, however the focus is not tack sharp or really that sharp at all upon zooming in in Lightroom. Was this due to shooting from a moving boat? Am I expecting too much from a distance? The jury is out, hopefully I'll get under there again for another try.

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