Sunday, April 28, 2013

lensbaby spark

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that my existing EF-S lenses are left behind with my upgrade to a full frame Canon 6D. Fortunately, the 50mm lens I've had and loved for years still works... but I definitely need something with some more reach for portraits, and something to go a bit wider. So I stare, and stare and stare at the Canon Lens lineup page.  I read every customer review between the 85mm and 100mm on Amazon (currently leaning towards 85mm). And then go back and forth on a 28mm or hey, why not just buy another camera?

And what do I do after all that? I buy another 50mm lens. But wait, it's sort of justifiable! I went to a demo for the LensBaby Spark at Calumet and figured it might be an inexpensive way to get more creative. This is an odd little lens that you focus by pulling on and tilting the accordion shape body. You focus on only one area and there is a nice blurred effect on the edges. So, for less than 100 bucks I have a new lens to play with. I'm going to go ahead and give it a thumbs up.

The below are from my first day walking around with the lens.  Focusing is a bit of a skill to be mastered. I do have to say it makes you think more about composition because you only are going to have one area in focus. Also important to note, it's fixed at 50mm and at f/5.6, so not incredibly versatile, but I haven't run into problems with that yet. This gets me all kinds of excited about taking more photos around San Francisco and the Mission. It is haunting me that the TEL in Hotel are not more in focus in the first shot, I'll have to go back (UPDATE: I did).

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