Saturday, April 13, 2013

new year, new camera

Blog hiatus over! Back in full force with new equipment. Have been thinking for a long while about upgrading from my Canon Rebel and finally pulled the trigger. I'm now a happy owner of a Canon 6D. My biggest Rebel issues were low light performance/noise/finding focus. The 6D is amazing in all these respects and more.  On top of my excitement about the upgrade, I stumbled across this article and learned it takes multiple exposures! Check out more pics on the photographer Sara Byrne's website with a combination of portraiture and trees/flowers. So creative! So pretty!

Today was one of my first days out and about with the new 6D. I took some pictures of trees and flowers on a post-brunch walk through Lower Haight. TONS to learn,  particularly about this new multiple exposure thang.  Here are some of the shots from my walk: 

And some without multiple exposures. I swear this new camera body is making my 50mm super-preform! 

And one last little dark one from right where the yellow flowers pictures were taken. 

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  1. These super imposed pics are definitely inspiring! I wish these were a series of prints hanging in my home. Or made into a pair of shorts haha. Great work!