Thursday, April 25, 2013


Panoramas are fun and easy in PhotoShop. You just launch PhotoShop and select File/Automate/ your images (I leave defaults - layout to Auto and keep Blend Images Together checked) then...wait for it...wait for it... done.  Hopefully afterward you are pleasantly surprised/clasping your hands in joy. The key is to have your original images overlap by a good measure. I aim for about 50% so that there's some fudge room. And be sure not to peter out near the edges/top or bottom or you'll end up with a skinnier or shorter final picture than you expected.

Here are some that I've put together... Clicking on the images should enlarge them.

NYC skyline from the boat to Ellis Island (which has an amazing museum, btw, which I believe is so powerful because of its use of historical photographs). Ten original photos.

The view from the High Line in Chelsea with the Empire State Building, also NYC. Eleven original photos.

Big Sur on a beautiful hike

View at base of Mount Diablo. I like this one.

And some views from Mount Diablo, these are old, and I can't remember why they turned out so blue/green

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